Once upon a blue moon

She looked around the bar. And her eyes fell on him. In his white shirt, sipping a drink. Smiling at something, on his phone. She walked up to the empty bar stool next to him and said hi. Just like that. Usually, she’d think a hundred times before doing that. But it was like he had a […]

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Hello, I’m back.

For those who know, it’s great to be back. For those who don’t, it’s done. I am now a cancer survivor. We’ll talk about that later. Right now, I’m just itching to start writing again. So here goes. From a cancer blog, this turns into ‘anything I want to write about’ blog. Makes me so […]

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ting tong

So much has been happening. And most of it involves answering the damn doorbell. Seriously, it is a curse to stay at home. The doorbell rings all the bloody time. It’s like someone put out a word to every single courier, postman, dog walker, security guy, internet guy. Go ring that bell they said. And […]

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After the surgery

This is a quick post on what all happened, after I heard a voice say, “Shormistha, wake up, the surgery is over.” a) Coming out of GA is like trying to clamber out of a large sloping pit filled with jelly, while feeling pukey. It wasn’t nice at all. My face kept feeling like it […]

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Surgery and other exciting things

Hello. I’m back. Sorry, but I just haven’t managed to write. I’ve been busy reading, playing Uno and getting better. Seriously! Okay, so I’m going to get to the Uno by rewinding to last Tuesday. Which was the day I was admitted to hospital, an evening prior to my operation. The biggest pain that day […]

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A two in one post

Note: This post has two unrelated topics. You may skip the first one if you like, but do not skip the second. It is bloody important. Hello people, Got any book recommendations for me, for the hospital? Things I do not want: Chicken soup type books. We’ll leave that for Chinese take out. Really complex […]

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Mysterious ways

I went from looking like jenny from the block, to chottu from the tea shop. I love my new haircut. But if I slung a cloth over my shoulder and hung out at the chai stall, you’ll be asking me to get you tea. So here’s the thing. For years and years I’ve had long […]

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what are they doing to me

To start with there will be surgery. This Wednesday. Because the biopsy clearly shows one malignant lump in my breast, it’s pretty clear they have to get that out. Now the options are lumpectomy or partial removal of the breast, which falls under breast conservation, or mastectomy, which is complete removal of the breast. If […]

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Night. And then morning

Tuesday evening was stressful. Met the doctors with all my reports. And realised how far off the mark I was. I was thinking cancer would be a breeze. Two months of some medicines and injections, and I will be back to normal. Yep, I’m like that, the glass is always half full. Anyway, no such […]

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